Licensing Regime in Curacao

Posted on 15 Sep 2017, by Dr. David Meli

Curacao was one of the first countries to offer remote gaming licenses, and its longest standing curacao gaming license has been held by Cyberluck Casino since 1999. Curacao offers a single type of license for software and service providers as well as service operators. The Curacao gaming license covers all forms of interacting iGaming including sports betting, casinos, lotteries, games of skill and chance, and exchanges.

In order to obtain a curacao gaming license, applicants are required to register a locally formed legal entity licensed in the E-Zone, which is in Curacao’s Economic Zone. Once completed, the application is subject to a thorough diligence exercise that generally takes around six weeks to complete. Should the investigation prove successful, and no objections are yielded, then the applicant will receive his/her curacao gaming license and will be in a position to start operating.

Our extensive knowledge of the Curacao licensing regime allows us to guide our clients through this application process, fulfilling their obligations for both the Curacao Gaming License as well as the E-Zone License in an efficient and simple manner. Apart from helping our clients to fulfil their due diligence obligations, we are also in a position to assist them maintain their license whilst consistently remaining compliant with the local legislation. Additionally, we are also in a position to assist throughout the development of your business plans, which will ensure your continued success in this highly competitive industry, as well as facilitating further investment and support of your operation.

Through our network of partners we are able to assist our clients in fulfilling their licensing obligations of hosting their servers locally. We are also able to offer the possibility of purchasing setups or co-locations of your servers in Curacao. Finally, we are also able to provide our clients with international banking facilities as well as applying for payment processor and merchant accounts for your freshly licensed entity in Curacao.