See you at the SIGMA 2018 iGaming Malta

Posted on 22 Nov 2018

Justine Scerri Herrera will be a speaker next Wednesday at the SiGMA iGaming Malta (The World’s iGaming Village). SiGMA is the purveyor of the latest iGaming NEWS, where dynamic CAREERS helps talent find its ideal match. SiGMA is also the quintessential iGaming destination.

Justine is a credible Maltese lawyer who recently proceeded to further her experience in financial legal circles by specializing in the Blockchain and Crytpocurrencies sector especially in the light of the new VFA regulations. Justine has developed a considerable interest and passion for this new market and thoroughly enjoys working and providing legal advice in relation to VFA products and services. She has been following and researching this relatively new field and related areas since the first time she heard the word ‘bitcoin’ when writing her Masters thesis on the subject of cybercrime entitled ‘Jurisdiction in Cyberspace’ a few years ago. Justine wrote her doctoral thesis on the subject of privacy and the interception of communications and has also published a number of articles in the Maltese law journal called ‘id-Dritt’.

Justine possesses a varied legal background that empowers her to adopt a holistic approach to a whole spectrum of interlinked legal scenarios. She has experience in the Criminal Law field, Anti-Money Laundering law, Banking Law and the Financial Services due to previous employment with a Bank, and a leading Investment Services Firm (Exante).

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