IP rights statistics in Cyprus for 2022


The Intellectual and Industrial Property Section of the Department of the Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property has recently released the Intellectual Property Rights (‘IPRs’) statistics in relation to 2022. Of particular importance are the registrations and renewal statistics as shown by the graphic representations below, which can also be found here.

Registration of Intellectual Property Rights until 31/12/2022      


Industrial Designs:

         CY & INT                       Tradenarks:            

 CY & EU   Patents: 

Total registrations (per IPR) for 2022




Total registrations (per IPR) for 2021




Total registrations (per IPR) for 2020





Renewals of Intellectual Property Rights until 31/12/2022


 Industrial Designs:




Total renewals (per IPR) for 2022




Total renewals (per IPR) for 2021




Total renewals (per IPR) for 2020





The graphs illustrate an upward trend as regards renewals (even more than 2020) and a slight decrease in registrations as regards 2022. This trend can be attributed to a safety approach from businesses that have negatively been impacted by the global pandemic of COVID-19. However, an increase in renewals can only mean that business have their IP portfolio and its importance in mind. You can find out all about trademarks and their importance for your business here.

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