The GB-CY Business Association E-Newspaper hosts the article of Esme Palas, Partner - An attractive post-Brexit solution


Mrs Esme Palas, Partner was invited by the Great Britain – Cyprus Business Association to contribute to their latest e-newspaper via her article in which she analyses why headquartering and relocation of UK companies to Cyprus through the Fast-Track Business Activation Mechanism is a very attractive post-Brexit solution. Mrs Palas elaborates on the benefits of the FTBA whereas she reports the eligibility criteria for employing third country nationals under favourable provisions. She stresses that Cyprus due to its competitive advantages will provide fertile ground for attracting companies to Cyprus and an ideal point of entry to the EU. The full article is on page 45 of the E-Newspaper and you can read it by clicking on the link below: https://1d0a6635-eb17-4f57-9c12-faabeb49ff0c.filesusr.com/ugd/54fdf4_c836b236f12743f68b8b2b47d6114a6f.pdf