Voting rights in Cyprus


According to Article. 1 of the Republic of Cyprus’ constitution, the governmental system in Cyprus is described as a Presidential System. In jurisdictions governed by a presidential system, a head of the government, usually with the title of the president exercises the executive branc whereas the legislative branch is separate based on the principle of separation of powers. The head of the government is also considered the head of the state. In presidential systems, the head of the government is elected by the people, directly or indirectly.

The President in Cyprus is elected every five years. In Cyprus, no president can serve more than two terms. The next Presidential Elections in Cyprus will be held on 5 February 2023. If no candidate receives a majority of the vote on that date, a runoff will be held on 12 February 2023.

In order to register in the permanent electoral lists in Cyprus, which, consequently provides the right to participate in all national elections and obtain an electoral book, the applicant must necessarily be:

  • a Cypriot Citizen,
  • To have completed his/her 18th year of age and
  • To be a permanent Citizen of Cyprus or a resident in the last six (6) months before submitting the application.

People who are not registered in the electoral lists can do this, provided that on the date of the presidential elections they will be 18 years old. The last day for the submission of both the printed and the online form for registration to the electoral lists is 27 December 2022. Cypriot citizens living abroad that would wish to vote can declare their intent at Cyprus’ diplomatic mission in the countries where they are living until the 27th December 2022.

Voting in Cyprus is not mandatory. This is because voting is considered a right and not a duty. Therefore, people are free to decide whether they wish to exercise their voting rights or not. Elections give the power to people to choose the best leader, they manifest the democracy of a country. It is, therefore, of vital importance for the right to vote to be be exercised in a responsible and informed manner.

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