Sports Law

Sports Law is broadly used as an umbrella term which includes different aspects of law such as intellectual property law, employment law, corporate law, competition law and many others.

It is considered as a growing aspect of law, the complexity and evolution of which is directly linked with the contemporary context of the commercialization of the sports industry.

Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC has responded to the surrounding needs of the market and, based on its multifaceted background and strong network, is in a position to successfully provide its legal services within the different facets of sports law.


Different pools of interested parties can benefit from the broader Sports Law context such as investors, sportsmen and their agents, regulatory bodies, sports associations and other entities, rights holders and event organizers.

Advertising sponsorship and marketing

There are different forms of sports sponsorship such as title sponsorship, event sponsorship, broadcast sponsorship, team and individual sponsorship (the latter being the most prevalent type of sponsorship in Cyprus), and others.

Owing to its publicity, Sports can be considered as a promising and profitable area for investment. Our firm’s global and domestic network can be considered as an advantageous tool within this competitive framework.

Players' contracts, agency representation

The constant changes that characterize the professional profile of sportsmen illustrate the necessity for specific legal advice on sporting contracts and representation matters.

Our legal team can act as an intermediary and represent clients, athletes and clubs, through its professional capacity.

Disciplinary hearings, anti-doping hearings

We can represent clients in domestic and international disciplinary committees/courts for disciplinary and anti-doping matters.

Sports governance and regulatory matters

Good governance in sports is a pre-condition for the autonomy and self-regulation of sport organizations. Sport organizations/clubs need to be well structured and prepared in order to overcome the many eventualities that arise in the general sporting context.

We can provide specialized legal assistance for the technical drafting field, as well as legal consulting services with regard to good governance practices which will not be limited only to the sport legal field but will also expand to the legal parameters of financing and developing a sport body.

Sports law disputes and infringement issues

Disputes constantly arise in all aspects of our daily lives and sports area is no exception.

Based on our firm’s vast experience in the arbitration and dispute resolution field, we can provide guidance and advice throughout the whole process of issuing, maintaining or defending claims before the relevant bodies, both at the domestic and international level.

Ticketing, betting and gaming

The National Betting Authority (NBA) is the body responsible for gambling and betting matters in Cyprus. It is responsible for issuing the relevant licences and it supervises authorized gambling operators. Currently, the NBA is regulating online betting, which can evolve into a very promising area for investments.

Sport TV rights

Following the European Commission’s and Supreme Court’s decisions for the Protection of Competition between 2004 and 2010, which led to the opening of the T.V. rights market, new opportunities have arisen for interested parties to negotiate, on their own terms, T.V rights contracts and accordingly a new more attractive and challenging context has been created in the arena of sports law.

We can provide assistance in drafting and negotiating on behalf of our clients’ agreements for the acquisition of Sport T.V rights and act as intermediaries between the two parties of an agreement.

Registration of new sporting entities

Based on our firm’s strong background in the corporate law section our specialized legal services can be used for the registration of sport organizations and new sporting entities.

Our services
  • Advertising sponsorship and marketing
  • Disciplinary hearings, anti-doping hearings
  • Players' contracts, agency representation
  • Registration of new sporting entities
  • Sport law disputes and infringement issues
  • Sport TV rights and libel proceedings
  • Sports governance and regulatory matters
  • Ticketing, betting and gaming

Our experience

  • Μembers of our firm have held essential posts in the Sports Sector in the past. Our founding Partner, Mr. Michael Kyprianou, was the Chairman of the Cyprus Football Association for four consecutive terms. He was also a member of the committee of UEFA and of the Appellate Disciplinary Board of UEFA.

  • Our Managing Partner, Mr. Menelaos Kyprianou, is the president of the Appeal Committee of the Cyprus Football Association for the resolution of disputes. Our Associate lawyer and member of the Sports Law team, Kyriakos Constantinou, is a Member of the Judicial Committee of Cyprus Handball Federation, a Member of the Football Referee Disciplinary Committee and a Member of the Volleyball Federation Judicial Committee. He also participated in domestic and international conferences on Sports Law (e.g. the ISC International Sports Convention 2016 in Geneva).