Webinar organised by Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC “Cyprus IP Tax Regime & The Fast-Track Business Activation Mechanism”


We are pleased to announce the upcoming webinar “Cyprus IP Tax Regime & The Fast-Track Business Activation Mechanism”. The webinar will be in the Russian language and it will take place on Tuesday, 6th April at 4:00 p.m. Cyprus time (GMT+2). The duration of the webinar will be one hour, whereby the last fifteen minutes will be dedicated to Q & A. The webinar is free of charge.

The speakers are:

Mr. Dmytro Perevozchykov, Partner, Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC, Ukraine

Mr. Angelos Singeris, Associate, Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC, Cyprus

A few notes from our speakers:

“The webinar will focus on benefits of the Cyprus IP tax regime as well as relevant details of tax planning. We will explain the procedure and features of obtaining the privileged IP tax regime in Cyprus. This talk will provide an overview of qualifying assets under Cyprus IP tax regime, qualifying persons, disposal of an IP and other important issues related with the IP tax regime." Dmytro Perevozchykov

“The webinar will focus on how to set up a company in Cyprus by third-country nationals. This talk will provide an overview of all necessary procedures for the registration and incorporation of a company in Cyprus from the submission of all required information to the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry, to the establishment of a business.” Angelos Singeris

Short Bio of the Speakers:

Dmytro Perevozchykov, Partner in our Ukraine office, has substantial experience in corporate structuring of large holding companies. He acts for leading Ukrainian companies in a variety of industries, including banking, finance, agriculture, insurance, IT, intellectual property and natural resources. He specialises in international corporate law, currency regulation, tax planning and litigation practice in Ukraine. Dmytro has experience in advising clients in corporate transactions and M&A, including obtaining permission for concentration from anti-monopoly bodies. In addition, Dmytro represents clients in Ukrainian court proceedings in commercial cases and has a niche practice advising clients regarding tax issues during the structuring of the transactions.

Angelos Singeris is an Associate in our office in Paphos Cyprus and has experience in Banking and Finance, in Corporate and Commercial Law as well as in Immigration Law and Immovable Property Law. Angelos is fluent in Russian, English and Greek and he is able to assist in corporate governance, management, reorganization and restructuring of companies while conducting legal and geopolitical-macroeconomic research, including the double tax treaties, and providing relevant reports and recommendations to international clients. He has experience in offering advice in regard to funds and financial institutions on potential investment opportunities in Cyprus. Angelos is a graduate from the People’s Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, from where he gained his Bachelors Degree in Jurisprudence and later on his Master’s Degree in International Private Law and Business Law. He is also a member of the Cyprus Bar Association.

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