Registrar of Companies: Investment Funds - Obligation for the registration of beneficial owners in the Register of Beneficial Owners


The Registrar of Companies on the 09/12/2022 has issued an announcement regarding the obligation of investment funds to register the beneficial owners in the Register of Beneficial Owners of the Registrar of Companies. In particular, the first registration of beneficial owner data for the investment funds will be based on the calculation of the latest Net Asset Value (NAV) of both management shares and investment shares.

In the "date of registration" field, the date of submission of the data to the system should be filled in, not the date of becoming the beneficial owner (unless they are the same).

Investment funds that were established before 12/03/21 must submit the details of the beneficial owners during the interim solution. According to the announcement of the Registrar of Companies dated 25/07/2022, the duration of the interim solution will continue beyond July 31, 2022 and until the implementation of the final solution.

Investment funds that were established after 12/03/21 must submit the data within 30 days from the date of their establishment.

Any changes to the beneficial owners should be notified within 14 days from the official calculation of the Net Asset Value as referred to in par. 5 of the Registrar of Companies announcement dated 11/02/2022.

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