Why Malta?

Posted on 20 Dec 2017, by Jonathan Said

Why should I come Malta?

Malta really does have it all. From 300 days of sunshine every year and a convenient proximity to Europe, Africa, and Asia, to a flexible regulatory and legal framework that supports the conception and growth of business industries- its popularity continues to grow year on year. Malta is a member of the European Union and the British Commonwealth, its workforce is highly educated and multilingual, and as a country it offers a stable political, economic, and social, climate with a high standard of living. All of these factors combined have come together to create one of the most attractive jurisdictions in the world.

At the present moment we are seeing industries such as financial services, iGaming, ICT, technology, and pharmaceuticals really flourish and the government provides a wealth of fiscal and financial incentives to support their further growth. As for why you should come here, it has the best climate on earth, the country is safe, and the education and healthcare system are excellent. If you are looking for an English speaking, European base for your business- Malta really is the only logical option.

What is tax in Malta?

There are many things that make Malta an attractive jurisdiction for business- firstly it is relatively straightforward and cost effective to set up a range of company or corporate structures here. Secondly, the tax rates for foreign business range from as low as 5% with a full imputation system of taxation, and there are over 64 double taxation treaties currently in effect.

Its banks are some of the soundest in the world, and everything from its legal system (a mix between British Common Law and Roman Civil Law), to its steady stream of highly qualified Maltese workers mean that it is an extremely attractive location for those looking to relocate, or set up a new base. The cost of living as well as of running a business is low compared to other EU jurisdictions, and when it comes to downtime, you will never be short of things to do!

Who is AMK?

AMK is the Malta subsidiary of the world-renowned, Chambers and Partners and Legal 500 listed Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC. We are a multi-disciplinary law firm that offers specialist advice in a range of areas across the corporate and commercial sphere. The company has been long established as one of the largest law firms in Cyprus and we have expanded internationally to cover Greece, Ukraine, UAE, and now the international business hub that is Malta. We see the importance in providing a one-stop-shop service to our clients in all of the key business jurisdictions.

What services does AMK offer?

Our team of multi-national and multi-lingual professionals provide expert advice in a range of areas such as corporate law, civil law, international tax planning, iGaming, financial services, citizenship, as well as additional services such as compliance, accounting, and audit a simple one stop shop for our customers.

The combination of experience, expertise, as well as local and international connections has made us the go-to legal service for those individuals and businesses operating on an international scale.

What should I expect to pay?

As business people as well as advisors, we can appreciate the importance of being able to pay a fixed fee for a range of services, and that is precisely what we can offer. For €1150, we will provide company formation, company management, and a registered office for an LTD company in Malta.

With Brexit looming on the horizon, there is no doubt that the European business market will undergo a series of drastic changes. Malta offers EU and non-EU business, a welcoming corporate environment where their business needs and requirements are met easily and cost effectively, and all against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.