Malta’s Online Gaming Licence Classes

Posted on 13 Sep 2017, by Dr. David Meli

The Malta Gaming Authority’s Remote Gaming Regulations currently establish four (4) Classes of Remote Gaming Licences.

Class 1

Class 1 licence operators are in charge of managing their own risk on repetitive games.  An example of games falling under this category would be casino type games, lotteries, slot games and scratch cards.

It is also possible to apply for a Class 1 on 4 licence whereby the Class 1 licensee operates its games on the software (and in certain cases through the equipment) of a Class 4 licensee.

Class 2

Class 2 licence operators manage their own risk on events based on a matchbook.  A typical Class 2 operation consists of Sports Betting on fixed Odds. 

Class 3

Class 3 licence operators offer peer-to-peer (P2P) gaming, and take a percentage from the gaming transaction in the form of a commission.  Examples of Class 3 games are poker tables, bingo games and betting exchanges.

It is also possible to apply for a Class 3 on 4 licence whereby operators use a licenced Class 4 as its platform.

Class 4

Class 4 licensees act as a business-to-business (B2B) operator, thus allowing such operators to host and provide software to other Remote Gaming licensees.  A class 4 licensee does not accept player registrations directly.

Michael Kyprianou’s team of experienced Consultants can assist interested parties in determining which class of licence to apply for.