MGA License Application Process

Posted on 12 Sep 2017, by Dr. David Meli

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has a rigorous and transparent licence application.  Applicants have to go through the following process when applying for an Online Gaming Licence:

Review of Submitted Documentation

  1. The first step in applying for a licence is to submit a set of due diligence documents to the MGA.  The MGA then carries out a fit and proper test by reviewing all the submitted information related to directors and shareholders, and also assesses the feasibility of the proposed operation.  The due diligence exercise is also carried out through a probity investigation with other national and international regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies.
  2. If preliminary investigations carried out are satisfactory, an evaluation of the business plan is conducted.  The MGA reviews HR plans, growth forecasts, and marketing and distribution strategies.
  3. The next step is to examine the organisation’s incorporation documents together with any technical documentation, organisational policies and procedures, Rules of the Games and any contracts with third parties.

If the aforementioned documentation and clarifications have been submitted to the MGA in a timely manner (and are in line with MGA requirements), it is estimated that this process will take about twelve (12) to sixteen (16) weeks to complete.


System Audit

Once the above processes have been completed, the MGA will allow applicants sixty (60) days to prepare their system for going live on a test environment in order to carry out a System Audit.

The System Audit will assess whether the gaming system is in line with regulations, and if it has been installed as declared in the submitted documentation.  If the System Audit be successful, a five (5) year licence is granted.

Compliance Audit

A Compliance Audit is carried out after the first year of operation, and when the licence is due for renewal (after five years).  The Compliance Audit is a detailed review of the operation and the gaming systems, in order to provide the MGA with assurance that operations are line with regulatory requirements.

A Compliance Audit will also be required if any major changes are done to the gaming system or in cases of suspicion of misconduct or deviation in the operation.