ShipCon 2018: Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC supports the Youth in Shipping

Posted on 26 Nov 2018

Our firm prides itself in supporting the youth in every given opportunity, proven once more by its’ active involvement in ShipCon 2018.

Our Global Head of Shipping, Gina Panayiotou, lead the project management of the conference, acting also as moderator of the “Diversity Leads Innovation” panel.  Gina explains that, “the aim of this conference was to inspire the audience to want to be of value to this industry and teach them how they can be part of “Defining Tomorrows Shipping Together,” which was the theme of the conference.”

Attending on behalf of the firm were, Eleni Drakou, Director of Business Development and Katerina Kefaloniti, legal consultant in the shipping department, who both felt that the aim of the conference was successfully achieved. Eleni stated that The conference offered great opportunity for interaction among the audience and the panelists. It was an insightful and well-organized event and I was happy to see many colleagues and associates.”While Katerina, as a newcomer to the industry said that “ShipCon 2018 was very enlightening! The speakers of the conference empowered and inspired me, while at the same time I was able to gain further knowledge of the sector, from industry leaders. Additionally, I have learned that in order to succeed we have to take risks and that “there is a challenge in every opportunity.” This two-day conference was very interactive, meeting new people from all over the world. Moreover, it was reassuring to see that the more experienced generation of this industry, wants to invest and teach the younger generation, ensuring its sustainability.”

ShipCon 2018 was the first international shipping conference for young professionals held in Limassol on the 8th & 9th of November, organised by YoungShip Cyprus & YoungShip International, under the auspices of the Cyprus Deputy Minister of Shipping, Ms. Natasa Pilides and supported by the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Shipping, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, WISTA Cyprus and the Cyprus Youth Board.

The Conference was a great success, with attendance of almost 200 delegates, ranging from shipowners, CEO’s to fresh graduates. According to the press, ShipCon 2018 was a great opportunity for young maritime professionals to join forces.

In essence, this Conference was educational and inspiring for all and especially the youth, motivating them to pursue the existing opportunities in the industry, on a local and an international level.