Post Covid 19 Landscape: Will Programs Change and Adapt? What’s currently being done? What’s Next?


Eleni Drakou, Senior Associate and Director of Business Development of our law firm moderated a panel titled “Post Covid 19 Landscape: Will Programs Change and Adapt? What’s currently being done? What’s Next?” during the 2020 Uglobal Immigration Expo Russia & South Africa.

Eleni, joined by fellow experienced immigration professionals, discussed the effects of the pandemic to the investment immigration industry and the current trends in Cyprus, UK, USA and the Caribbean, following the coronavirus outbreak. During the panel it was highlighted that the industry has been significantly contributing to smaller economies like Cyprus and the Caribbean nations, but also in larger economies like the UK and the USA.

While certain countries have shown more discipline in terms of containing the outbreak, other countries failed to implement strict measures. Nonetheless, it was emphasized that the lockdown has caused an impact to real estate transactions worldwide, followed by an increased interest by prospective applicants.

At the same time, the pandemic has speed up changes and developments which were essential for the industry, like the use of internet for the completion of certain parts of the procedure, hence, ultimately improving the industry. Besides governmental bodies, the private sector has adjusted to the new conditions, working remotely and providing advice to the investors online. As it was stated during the panel “the only thing that is certain is uncertainty” and as such flexibility is essential in this sector in order to adapt to the new norm.

The Expo was held virtually between 19-20 August and focused on Russia and South Africa. The Expo offered high-quality education from industry leaders, gathering global immigration professionals from around the world.