Michael Kyprianou Law Firm at C5 Paris - Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery conference


Christos Galanos, Partner at Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC, attended the inaugural Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery conference hosted by C5 Group on October 26.-27., 2023, in Paris.

The event, which was supported by the International Fraud Group, brought together legal professionals specialising in fraud, insolvency, asset tracing and recovery, dispute resolution, and crypto and digital asset fraud from around the world.

Topics presented and discussed included the newest and emerging fraud schemes spanning the globe. The conference also provided a platform for attendees to exchange views and insights on trends in enforcement and recovery actions for multi-jurisdictional fraud schemes, including newer obstacles to asset recovery observed over the past year.

Focussed sessions looked amongst other at Crypto Fraud as an existential threat in the fraud and asset recovery space, raising the question whether more regulation and enforcement are the answer to curbing rampant fraud and market volatility, as well as shed a light on Fraud and Corruption in Sport, providing insights on some of the biggest, most recent scandals, and examined new trends and strategies in concealing assets and the finer points of venue selection concerning high-value matrimonial cases.

Christos Galanos stated: “The conference offered an excellent opportunity to connect and reconnect with peers and members of the International Fraud Group across the globe, exchange insights and discuss trends whilst strengthening our firm’s international ties in this area of practice to serve our clients even better, especially in multi-jurisdictional cases.”

Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC is a member of the International Fraud Group (IFG), an alliance of over 30 law firms with a presence in over 50 countries, formed to combat cross-border fraud and recover stolen assets from jurisdictions around the world.