Exploring Contemporary Challenges in the European Order for Payment: A Must-Attend Legal Webinar


Dive into the upcoming webinar on "Contemporary Challenges in the European Order for Payment: A Focus on Reg. 1896/06," indispensable for legal practitioners across EU member states.

Part of the esteemed "Warming-up webinars to the Summer School on cross-border litigation and international arbitration" series by the University of Bologna - Summer School in Ravenna, scheduled both in-person and online from July 15-20, 2024.

Presented by Maria-Fanouria Papantonaki, Associate from our Athens Office, this seminar will delve into procedural aspects of the European Order for Payment (EOP), including the application process, cross-border service, objections, and its relation to other procedures such as the European Small Claims Procedure. Plus, explore how AI is impacting fast-track procedures for claims resolution. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss these critical issues and submit their questions.

Engage in a dialogue led by Professor Elena Alina Ontanu. This complimentary webinar via Microsoft Teams is invaluable for legal practitioners, providing essential insights to better serve clients within the EU.

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