Charity afternoon coffee in aid of SPAVO


On Sunday, 4th October 2020, Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC is co-organising, along with The Cyprus Russian Association of Paphos, a charity afternoon coffee in aid of SPAVO (the Association against family violence and women abuse).

The event will take place outdoors, at the Elysia Breeze cafeteria in Paphos, where all measures of health and safety will be maintained. An entrance fee of €10 will be charged, which will cover tea, coffee, cakes and pastries that will be served.

The program of the event will be dedicated to women, their rights and the role they play today in society. Women will have the opportunity to learn more about the ‘House of Women’, which has been created to offer a place of protection and support to any woman who is mistreated in any way.

A variety of speakers from different professional fields will have the opportunity to engage the guests in an interesting and helpful discussion based on each of their topics.

Mrs Iryna Popova, an Associate of Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC, will speak about the importance of a prenuptial agreement, known as a ‘marriage contract’. In addition, the President of The Cyprus Russian Association of Paphos, Mrs Olga Constantinou, will talk about the role of women today.

Mrs Rania Evripidou, who is a survivor of abuse, will be representing SPAVO and will inform guests about the Association and share herpersonal story with us, highlighting the rights that women have today.

The guests will be able to learn more on how family violence influences a child’s psychology from Mrs Anastasiya Belevitskaya, Medical Doctor and Psychologist.

Let us all participate in a very interesting event which is, above all, dedicated to women, be they mothers, daughters, wives, partners, colleagues and friends. More than ever, we need to show our support to all women and raise awareness about such an important issue.

You can read the invitation in English here

You can read the invitation in Russian here

There is a limited number of seats so please call 99615969 or email: Paola.Hadjilambri@kyprianou.com to book your place on time.