A voluntary contribution by the law firm Michael Kyprianou Advocates & Co LLC and the staff of the firm's Paphos office


Michael Kyprianou Advocates & Co LLC has throughout the years encouraged, welcomed and supported volunteering in every possible way and by every possible means.

Therefore, due to the enormous financial difficulties faced by several families within the Paphos district, on 19th April 2022 Michael Kyprianou Advocates & Co LLC and the staff of the firm's Paphos office,  donated a ‘love’ package to Mrs. Maria Piskopou, the founder and manager of the Voluntary Support Group, "Avgerinos", which included, among other things, non-perishable goods and/or products with a long expiration date, children's and adult clothing, basic necessities and children's toys, to be distributed to our fellow human beings and families who are in real need during the Holy Days of Easter.

For your information, the "Avgerinos" Association was created in memory of Mrs. Maria Piskopou's son, Andreas Piskopou, who passed away at the age of 23, as well as all the other children who departed from this earth at a young age. The voluntary work includes, among other things, the collection of food which is distributed to families in the city of Paphos as well as communities in the Paphos district. The families receiving support are selected on the basis of strict criteria, including a suggested list given to them by the Welfare Office, so that everything is done legally and above board. The packages are prepared by Mrs Piskopou and the other volunteers and the donations are entirely charitable.

More information in connection with the action of the "Avgerinos" Voluntary Support Group can be found on its Facebook page.

We would therefore like to thank Avgerinos, Mrs. Maria Piskopou and the entire volunteer team supporting the Association, for their selfless service, humility and noble action.

Let us all dare to be kind to our fellow man and we will see how our world will become a far better place!