Investment Services & Funds


Our highly driven and dedicated team at Michael Kyprianou Fintech Partners Ltd in Malta has developed a deep understanding and strong practice in all aspects and areas of Investment Services and has a tremendous network consisting of corporate, banking and tech partners. We deliver an end-to-end solution and strongly believe in personal relationships, which is why we like to maintain open channels of communication with all our clients, setting us apart from many other local service providers.

Malta is recognised as one of Europe’s top domiciles for investment service providers, funds, and asset managers. Malta’s strengths lie in the fact that it is an EU Member state and is already home to a large volume of fund managers and administrators. In fact, Fund service providers recently voted the island as their favoured European fund domicile. There are currently approximately 130 AIFs, 55 Notified AIFs, 358 PIFs and 106 UCITS with a total Net Asset Valuation of 16 Billion.

Investment firms, fund managers and promotors regularly comment on the high level of product flexibility, the beneficial introduction of the Recognised Incorporated Cell Company, and the MFSA (the regulator)’s Open-Door Policy. Licensed operators describe the licensing process with the MFSA as being quick but thorough and very efficient.

Malta allows for funds to be set up in several possible legal forms, to opt for the self-managed route as an alternative to external third-party management and gives providers the benefit of choice to appoint a local or foreign administrator.

It’s all about tax, baby! Malta’s fiscal environment is another local key success factor which maintains a strong network of double tax treaties, no tax at fund level and for the non-resident investor. Individuals, including asset managers and persons who hold senior positions within MFSA licensed financial operators, will benefit from favourable tax rates on their employment income.

Furthermore, when it comes to corporate tax, the applicable tax rates for non-Maltese residents (after applicable refunds) are effectively 5% for trading companies and 0% for holding companies.

Why else is Malta attractive? Favourable tax rates and passporting due to forming part of the EU are not the only pluses for choosing Malta as a home base! Due to certain recent financial regulations, more managers and promoters of start-up investment firms and hedge funds are moving away from the Caribbean islands and considering Malta as the next best Island! Regulation aside - Malta boasts of having 300 days of sunshine a year and is home to the English language.