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Michael Kyprianou Fintech Partners Ltd in Malta is part of the MK Group and it has developed a deep understanding and strong practice in all aspects and areas of financial services and Fintech and has a tremendous network consisting of corporate, banking and tech partners. Members of the Management Board of MK Fintech Partners also serve as Advisory members of the Government’s Think Tank (Digital Economy taskforce).

Malta is positioning itself as the go-to-place for innovative Fintech companies, including, Insurtech and Regtech as well as industry technology specialists who are the bloodline for this industry. Malta ranks 5th out of the 28 EU Member States in the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2020.

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Although small, Malta is the 3rd most favoured EU jurisdiction of choice amongst EU licence applicants! Besides being very progressive, and using the English Language, the Malta Financial Services Authority (local regulator) has also successfully launched a Fintech Sandbox. Malta is a real Fintech hub and, due to its size, is an ideal test environment for new technologies and ventures!

Fintech companies have been drawn to Malta because the island provides a wealth of talent, both in tech and finance and offers a fast-track process for bringing talent over from overseas. Besides Malta being a part of the European Union making passporting of services and activities easy, it also offers very favourable tax rates. The applicable tax rates for non-Maltese residents (after applicable refunds) are effectively 5% for trading companies and 0% for holding companies.

Which are Malta’s hot local Fintechs?

Malta is home to many corporate giants such as Exante, Tipico, and Microsoft, but also home to a myriad of innovative Fintech start-ups! Some include: Vallettapay Ltd and Finductive (EMIs), Vaiot (start-up combining blockchain technology and delivering AI assistants), Fracture Labs (decentralized game), Elrond (start-up about accessing digital economies), Colibra (start-up which gives compensation for every 1-hour flight delay), Efforce (Steve Wozniak’s blockchain based energy saving platform), Stasis (about the tokenization of financial assets such as the ‘euro’), Civiquo (start-up helping people find their next residency or citizenship destination), Neufund (Fintech fundraising start-up) and many more!

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