Marine Insurance

  • P&I and FD&D

Our expertise and shipping practice at Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC, enables us to advise international P&I and Defence (FD&D) clubs and their members from complex disputes to daily queries. Thus, we have a firm grasp of the challenges that might arise and we can help navigate through these issues, recovering our clients’ rights, in respect of uninsured losses, as well as defending them in any actions improperly brought against them.

  • Marine casualty & admiralty

Casualties in the marine sector are unavoidable, however, at Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC we are known for our expertise in the shipping sector and our marine casualty and admiralty team can deliver expert and prompt advice on a range of casualty issues that may arise.

Additionally, our marine crisis management ranges from passenger vessels, ferries, containers, tankers etc. Additionally, in respect of the offshore market, we have the required experience to deal with disaster management and response.

  • General average

In the incident of a marine casualty, there are steps that need to be taken in order to protect or save the vessel and the cargo from potential serious damage or total loss. Thus, General Average is designed to provide an equitable distribution of these losses or sacrifices between the parties that have benefited.

At Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC, we advise our clients in relation to any General Average claims. Additionally, our team will draft contractual provisions dealing with General Average, as the careful drafting of such clauses will be crucial when a need arises for a court to interpret and enforce such clauses.

  • Salvage

Our team assists and advises our clients on any type of contractual claims relating to salvage. Additionally, we can draft and negotiate salvage contracts addressing all aspects that are relevant in this respect, such as salvage operations, securities, salvage remuneration etc.

Serving an international clientele, our firm can advise you on cross-border salvage claims and settlements, either through negotiation or by arbitration/litigation proceedings.

  • Passenger/ crew claims

Shipping companies involved in the transportation of passengers or crew employment, might find themselves in an unpleasant and difficult situation, if they do not maintain adequate mandatory insurance or other financial security. Thus, passengers or crew members might be eligible to compensation, in the case of marine accidents.

Our firm, advises clients on passenger/crew claims in the awakening of a marine event-accident and also focuses on ensuring that their contracts and policies comply with the current applicable regulations.

  • Piracy and maritime security

The phenomenon of Piracy has troubled the shipping industry for many years. As a result of this, maritime security plays an important role, with piracy incidents affecting the Marine insurance markets, due to the large-sum premiums imposed by the P&I clubs, that shipowners have to pay.

Our expert team, can advise and help our clients with all piracy related aspects like hijacking, release of vessels, insurance and minimising the risk of the reoccurrence of similar-like incidents. Additionally, our firm can assist in organising professional maritime security insurance, with policies that are in compliance with BIMCO insurance requirements.