Green & Innovative shipping

  • Green financing (i.e. scrubbers, renewable energy projects etc.)

Industry’s financiers also stepping up to climate challenge, with a prime example of this being the Poseidon rules, while a wider range of financiers are taking a shift towards offering more attractive Green financing. Banks have joined forces, providing an incentive by giving blue financing a greener shade.

Working towards a green strategy, those investing in greener fleets, innovative technologies and ensure that their carbon footprint is aligned with IMO 2020 and 2050 targets, have just been granted a new competitive advantage! Committing ourselves to green initiatives, our expert team at MICHAEL KYPRIANOU & CO. LLC provides expert legal advice in respect to such projects, from scrubber financing agreement to projects involving environmental commitment and compliance, we can help you navigate through the process smoothly.

  • Smart solutions (i.e. blockchain)

Ground-breaking technologies, such as blockchain, are transforming the global market including the shipping industry. However, this technological innovation and smart solutions in general, bring to the forefront new legal issues and implications. Our legal experts having extensive knowledge in the blockchain and crypto space market, are able to advise and assist clients, who are interested in setting up or moving their project in Cyprus or to a different international base. Our team will efficiently follow the procedures of setting up your Blockchain business and advise you on any relating matters including corporate structures and formation of Companies.

  • Maritime regulations (i.e. fuel sulphur cap)

With a continuous surge of maritime regulations, the industry is faced with great uncertainty on the way forward in respect to compliance. Having core industry commercial understanding, our experienced team will assist you in smoothly navigating through challenging times. Providing advice and assistance on any matter or dispute that may arise, as a result of the implementation of new regulations which might be affecting the shipping market. We can advise you on any concerns in respect to the new emissions regulations and/or possible carbon taxes and address practical issues that entail careful consideration. We acknowledge how overwhelming the situation can be and thus, we are by our clients’ side throughout the process, in finding practical solutions for any issue that may arise,

  • Embracing automation & digitalisation

The evolution of automation and digitalisation is shaping the shipping market in all of its segments. Therefore, it is essential to embrace the upcoming change and the competitive advantage it entails, since digitalisation undoubtedly impacts, amongst other things, the carbon footprint, maritime safety and security. Our firm embraces the new technological era of automation and digitalisation, and provides legal advice to our clients on any projects or agreements related to digitization and digital technologies.

  • LNG carrier on trading agreements

At Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC, our experienced and well-established team, can draft trading agreements for LNG Carriers and negotiate any germane terms/clauses by personalising and adjusting the agreements to our clients’ needs. Our in-depth knowledge, enables us to advise on any trade-related concerns. Additionally, our team can ensure stable freight rates through long-term contracts and can provide flexible and optimal LNG transport options in the agreements, based on our clients’ best business interest.

  • Ship recycling/scrapping regulations

The EU seeks an ambitious policy to make ship recycling greener and safer. Therefore, stricter environmental regulations have emerged in order to combat and manage hazardous wastes. There are currently many vessels that are dismantled in poor conditions which have a negative impact upon the environment. Our legal team will be able to assist clients in relation to the requirements that vessels and recycling facilities have to follow or implement to ensure that ship recycling/scrapping occurs in a safe and compliant manner for the environment.