Contractual & corporate matters

  • Delivery, ship repair & scrapping contracts

At Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC, our well-established and experienced team in contract drafting, provides tailor-made contracts to our clients based on their best business interest and needs. Therefore, our firm can draft and negotiate contracts in various sectors, including delivery, ship repair and scrapping, aiming to identify and combat ambiguities, by setting a clear contractual framework which incorporates all relevant provisions and covers all potential liabilities that it can entail.

  • Scrubber installation negotiation & agreements

Agreements relating to scrubber installation came to the rise, s due the upcoming2020 regulations that have been imposed by IMO. Our highly regarded team, can assist clients in any stage of the process of scrubber installation, drafting and negotiating the respective contracts. Additionally, our objective is to address to all relevant clauses, costs and benefits, and focus on any contractual issues that parties should be aware of when entering in such agreements.

  • Corporate restructurings

At Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC, we have in-depth understanding of local and international corporate regulations, allowing us to assist our clients to create the perfect business structure for their commercial needs. Our firm advises and represents international businesses in all aspects of restructurings, workouts and insolvency matters, offering innovative solutions to our clients.

  • Redomicile procedures

There is a variety of reasons why companies choose to redomicile and our legal experts have extensive experience in redomiciling companies to and from Cyprus. At Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC, we can provide advice and assistance to our clients on any aspect of redomiciliation process, filling all the relevant applications and submitting the requisite documentation. Our objective is to ensure a smooth redomiciliation process and completion.

  • Merger strategies & joint ventures

Our highly regarded team, advises clients on all aspects of merger strategies and joint ventures. Additionally, we assist our clients to choose the suitable legal structure for the transaction, establish local entities and special purpose vehicles (SPV) and offer our support to our clients throughout the process of the transaction. We, also, draft and negotiate all transaction documents including matters related to merger control and licensing regimes. (67 words)