Compliance & Reputation management

  • GDPR in Shipping (policy drafting, training, vendor agreements etc.)

Our expert legal team is ready to assist with any matters regarding personal data compliance, not only in Cyprus but also on an international level. Based on our professional background and the practical approach to handling issues relating to GDPR, we are able to advise both public authorities and private companies. We also offer GDPR compliance services which are tailor made for the shipping industry, offering a complete package which includes policy drafting, DPO duties, training and vendor agreements, whereas, we ensure that the drafting of such agreements, such as charterparties or crew agreements, incorporates all necessary clauses Which make them GDPR “bullet-proof.”

  • Environmental regulation compliance

At Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC, we acknowledge that clients seek high-quality legal advice deriving from an in-depth understanding of the current environmental regulations and laws that are in force, both domestically and globally. Environmental regulation compliance should not be ignored, as non-compliance could result to criminal l liabilities and substantial financial and reputational issues. Thus, our expert environmental team, provides extensive legal advice on environmental procedures and management strategies, as well as regulatory interpretations and can handle litigation matters successfully.

  • Cyber resilience

Cyber risk is a complex area and can be quite overwhelming, since it can damage or in the worst-case scenario, even destroy businesses and professional reputations. Our highly trained legal team is able to support and assist clients by preventing cyber-related incidents, through conducting risk assessments., drafting respective polices and raising of awareness and education/training. Our services in respect of cyber resilience, cover incident preparation, advice on insurance policy, as well as advice on any potential claims that may arise.

  • Media handling in Crisis (policy drafting & training)

Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC is the first law firm in Cyprus which has created an all-inclusive package service on media response. We offer policy drafting which is aligned with our clients’ ERT plan and training/preparation of a maritime incident, in conformity with the media industry’s specific guidelines and the current laws and regulations. Additionally, we are able to assist in conducting media profile risk assessment and gap analysis, and develop our client’s social profile in order to secure and defend their reputation, aiming to mitigate the risks and liabilities that may arise in a maritime incident crisis.

  • Maritime CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a vital aspect of all companies and non-the-less shipping entities which are responsible for 90% of world trade. i Beeing an essential component to every business, CSR is implemented to safeguard ethical trade, social responsibility in the community, as well as the protection of the environment. Our expert team advises and assists our clients on CSR-related matters by either drafting their policies and/or providing procedures to help them meet their targets.