Seminar on productivity in the workplace attended by all the staff in the Paphos office of Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC

Posted on 26 Mar 2019

Our firm’s values embody investing in staff in a way that will lead to the ultimate success of the company. The staff of the firm recognize the significance of striving for continual improvement and excellence in their area of work, and of taking action in ensuring that they keep abreast of developments, not only in their particular field of work but also in their personal lives.

For that reason, the entire staff of the Paphos Office on Tuesday 13th March and Wednesday 14th March, attended a full-day seminar run by a reputable training company at a prestigious hotel in Paphos. The seminar was held for the purpose of not only increasing productivity but also on giving the staff the opportunity to assess their own and the company’s expectations, values, mission, vision and potential.

The seminar was interactive and inspiring and in order to allow persons to become refreshed and recap on the day’s activities, there were welcome breaks during the morning and afternoon and a superb lunch was served for the delegates. All in all, a most productive seminar, aptly titled ‘Productivity in the Workplace’.