LISW 2019 Women in Shipping Summit: “What women bring to the table

Posted on 25 Aug 2019

Gina Panayiotou, Global Head of Shipping & Energy at our firm, being a Board Member of WISTA Cyprus and an active supporter of female and youth empowerment, will be a speaker at the inaugural “Women in Shipping Summit” to be held in the context of London International Shipping Week, on the 10th & 11th of September, 2019.

The conference is organized by Knect365 Maritime, a member of the informa group and will be focusing on topics from empowerment to action. The event agenda, is built around the unique challenges that women face, acknowledging the value they provide and shaping thoughts, empowering leadership, and helping women progress in their career.

Gina will be Chairing the keynote panel titled: “What women bring to the table: fight-or-flight vs tend-and-befriend!” The panel aims to stress the amazing opportunity that women are presented with, in a time where the industry is moving towards enhancing collaboration and inter-connectivity to achieve greater efficiencies, having the advantage of excelling at such skills.

As Gina states “Finally the shift in dynamics towards gender equality is becoming even more evident.  The very fact that for the first time, an event focused on female empowerment will be held during an internationally renowned event such as London International Shipping Week, with an aim to bring to the forefront women’s challenges, needs and provide them with guidance on how to follow through their dreams and aspirations within this industry, is a great step forward. The Women in Shipping Summit, is an exceptional initiative and if even one more female is inspired to fearlessly pursue her dreams, the summit can be deemed a success!”

This two-day summit will feature a line-up of some of the 30 plus of the most impressive names in shipping, both female and male, who will share the story of their journey in the industry, aiming to inspire and empower all delegates, while the agenda includes 20 plus hours of dedicated content.

With only 20 places left, the “Women in Shipping Summit,” is a must-attend event if you are visiting LISW 2019.

Full details on the summit are available HERE where you can also make use of the special discount code provided to all speakers.