Website and marketing coordinator

Posted on 06 Jul 2018


  1. Follow up of changes on the website to ensure have been carried out correctly
  2. Monitor the viewings of the webpage and take steps to increase the ranking of the firm
  3. Implement measures to increase readership and keep the webpage active
  4. Liaise with the host company to include links such as immediate acknowledgment to on-line messages from new and/or prospective clients/readers, FAQs, information, comments of current issues and interesting topics
  5. Keep the webpage alive and interesting and communicate with the staff to ensure that receive articles and up-to-date material for publication
  6. Carry out marketing and any related tasks, as and when required, to create a favourable public image of the firm


  • Relevant qualification and adequate experience in IT
  • Ability and knowledge of marketing campaigns, including usage of website
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Fluent in English and a reasonable understanding of the Greek language
  • Able to communicate effectively with others