Michael Kyprianou’s EU Trademark Filings remain in Top 25 list


The statistical travel pack by Country from EUIPO has been published. Let’s have a look at some of the report results:

  • 2021 has been a year of significant increase as regards EUTMs filings for Cyprus. 1142 EUTMs have been filed for 2021. This means that more than 200 EUTMs have been filed in comparison to 2020.
  • 2021 also saw a record number of EUTM applications at the EUIPO, with almost 200,000 applications received.
  • 967 filings have already proceeded to registration.
  • Class 9 (apparatus and instruments for scientific or research purposes, audiovisual and information technology equipment, as well as safety and life-saving equipment) took the lead from Class 35 (services involving business management, operation, organization and administration of a commercial or industrial enterprise, as well as advertising, marketing and promotional services. For the purposes of classification, the sale of goods is not considered to be a service.
  • Figurative (logos) and Word Marks remain at the top of the rankings being the top two filing types of EUTMs. Nevertheless, other types of TMs such as 3D, Colour, motion and position marks remain relevant.
  • Medochemie Ltd is currently the top owner of EUTM filings in Cyprus.
  • Michael Kyprianou positioned inside the 25 Country Representatives for EUTMs with just shy of 100 TMs.

If you would like more information, including comprehensive statistics on this, you can read more on EUIPO’s website here 

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